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So yesterday after we got off the plane from Dallas, we had ceremony crazies and decided to run out and do some stuff. Tried on some wedding dresses and figured out that we are most certainly going to have to make all the dresses to get what we want, since the “in” style of dresses now is strapless... I find strapless frightening, and it certainly doesn’t hold well with the Victorian sense of modesty. The concept of a 20 pound dress being held up by just my modest bosom and a little bit of flimsy boning isn’t appealing. So, here we go on the adventure of making Victorian dresses, as well as the attendants dresses. Plus, the woman at the shop we went to was nice, but then she pulled in another woman who is the seamstress for the shop came in and proceeded to tell us that Victorian styles were actually the ones with the big, poofy sleeves (a la Eliza Doolittle) that are in all actuallity Edwardian styles. Then she told me that the kind of sleeves I wanted were RENNAISANCE! I was so angry, considering that I’ve studied the various European styles for several years now. She wouldn’t even listen to what I wanted. So we changed out of the dresses we were trying on and left the shop rather hastily, rather annoyed.
Then, after figuring this all out we went shopping for invitation papers! I’m going to be making all the paper crafts for it, so I went into the scrapbooking section with the intent of picking one set of papers for multi layered invitations, and figured out quickly that I’d never be able to decide on one set of papers. So I ended up buying out the paper section, I think! Decided that our invitations are going to be very Victorian in that each one will be different and unique, combining different papers. I even found this amazing vellum paper in gold and silver that’ll be the top layer. I’m actually remarkably excited about these. It’s sad, but true. I think I’m going to get going on them tonight, figuring out the wording and the construction of them.
Anyway, time to sign off and get to work!
Cheers, Chris
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