Chris (londons_rose) wrote in victorianladies,

First entry!

So here we are, t-minus 9 months or so, and we have our first entry into the wedding blog. We paid the down payment the other day on our site, the Boulderado. That’s really exciting. Now were trying to decide if we want to make the dresses ourselves from these amazing historical patterns we found, if we want to have them made or if we want to see how close we can get to Victorian style buying them someplace. Nancy (our brother-in-law’s Mom, for those who don’t know) even suggested Good Will today! I suppose you really never do know where you’ll find a gem. I think that Good Will is a really likely place to start looking for jewellery though. Lots of people give away lovely vintage jewels not realising that they might possibly be of some value. It’s really true what they say, that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
Just a stupid thought because my brain hurts and I think it needs to be massaged properly before it’ll function again, but I wonder if the hotel, being built in 1901 counts as our something old?
Ok, ok, signing off before I get dorkier.
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