Dreaming of Speyside Whiskies (enchantedescape) wrote in victorianladies,
Dreaming of Speyside Whiskies

More stuff!

Ok, yay, my first post here. Christina has been busy keeping people updated, but I've been woefully neglectful.

In addition to her wonderful updates, I've a few to add.

We haven't given her our deposit yet, but oh my goodness is she spectacular! And we're discussing doing some of the photographs in sepia to complete the feel. Since it will all be digital, it won't be bad at all to alter the ones we want to the specific tone of sepia we want. That was an added bonus of actually meeting Jennifer. She went through all the specifics and logistics. Though, I have to say that shopping for a photographer is so different than what all the books say. Now you pay for them for the whole day, but they'll travel with you, give you unlimited pictures, etc.

While Christina found her corset, they didn't have one for me in the size I need that I liked for the wedding. Though, that's ok, because I'm considering trying to lose a LITTLE weight for it. Not much, I'm not going to obsess or anything, just some to be healthier.

Also, we have a meeting with a priest this week to discuss the possibility of his officiating. I'm nervous. All the bridal resources talk about what questions to ask potential officiants, but they all focus on the site, which is already established. So I don't know what to ask him specifically. Ok, well, I do, but the books haven't been overly helpful in that respect.
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