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Productive weekend!

So this weekend we've done so much towards the wedding! Bri, my maid of honour was here from out of town so we did LOTS of wedding stuff, but honestly not as much as we could have. We were kinda lazy, but it was nice since I hadn't seen her since April.

Friday we went for a cake tasting... the first bakery we tried was THE ONE. We're so lucky!! For those of you in the Northern suburbs of Denver, Colorado, this bakery has the best cake flavours I've ever tasted: Shamanes Bake Shoppe. Though I do have to admit that her chocolate cakes left a lot to be desired. But her white cakes MORE than made up for it! We chose two flavours, the raspberry citron and the Italian wedding cake. She was amazing with working with us on what we wanted for our cake as well... the designs, etc. I'm in love with her bakery!

Then Saturday we went to the rennaisance faire here in Colorado, and found some treasures for the wedding. First, we found a place that does dried roses, hardens them and makes them into wearable jewelry: Fleur du Jour. Her things are SO lovely, and when we told her we were having a Victorian wedding, she was excited like mad, and told us she's done tons of custom work, including and especially for weddings. She's going to custom make our veils and the flowers for our hair, as well as all the corsages, bootineers and hair sticks for the bridesmaids too. She's so excited, she's even going to start doing research on rose colours specifically for us, so she can match the colours in our wedding more perfectly. She was incredible, and such a sweet lady! And then we found a corset shop that makes Victorian corsets! They're fantastic! I got one I'm so proud of that's powder blue and champaign coloured with fleur-di-lis all over it. Here's a photo of me in it:

title or description

So this is my "something blue" AND my corset so I can start making my dress! And the lovliest part of trying on and wearing corsets is that they make you feel so tiny and sexy! I'm a size 18, and I only had to get a 36 inch corset because they squish you down that much. It was unbelievable, and I'm terribly in love with the thing. I may wear it and never take it off.

Anyway, long update, cross-posted to our wedding blog and weddingplans
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