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Budding paper obsession?

Whoever thinks that doing their own centrepieces and paper crafts for their wedding will save them money apparently doesn’t have a budding paper obsession like I do. It seems lately like I can’t walk into a craft store without spending $40-$50 at a pop on papers because there’s so many lovely vintage looking ones, not to mention all the accessories to make them look even nicer... wavy cutting scissors, glitter, glue-on trims and Swarovski crystals, oh my! I think I’m becoming obsessed. For the moment this is a good thing, since I have SO many paper crafts to finish for the wedding, but after that I’m afraid I’m going to have to take up yet another very expensive hobby to satisfy my obsession for pretty papers. I think I’m developing a problem. At least I have a few months to hopefully never want to see another piece of scrap-booking paper again!
On another note, we contacted the bakery today that we’re thinking of going with. We’re going to set up a tasting the weekend that Bri (my “best lady” ) is here from Columbus. We also have a buffet style tasting at the hotel that same weekend so that we’ll have a better idea of what we want to serve at the wedding. I know that after reviewing the menu samples I’m leaning towards having a salmon dish, a lamb dish and a vegetarian dish. I think that will spread it out and give a little bit of choice for everyone without going with the norms. Not that the norms are bad, mind you, but we’re anything BUT normal!
Anyway, back to the salt mines... or rather, the paper “mines”.
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