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The Commitment ceremony of Chris and Kimberly's Journal
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Sunday, July 15th, 2007
5:47 pm
More stuff!
Ok, yay, my first post here. Christina has been busy keeping people updated, but I've been woefully neglectful.

In addition to her wonderful updates, I've a few to add.

We haven't given her our deposit yet, but oh my goodness is she spectacular! And we're discussing doing some of the photographs in sepia to complete the feel. Since it will all be digital, it won't be bad at all to alter the ones we want to the specific tone of sepia we want. That was an added bonus of actually meeting Jennifer. She went through all the specifics and logistics. Though, I have to say that shopping for a photographer is so different than what all the books say. Now you pay for them for the whole day, but they'll travel with you, give you unlimited pictures, etc.

While Christina found her corset, they didn't have one for me in the size I need that I liked for the wedding. Though, that's ok, because I'm considering trying to lose a LITTLE weight for it. Not much, I'm not going to obsess or anything, just some to be healthier.

Also, we have a meeting with a priest this week to discuss the possibility of his officiating. I'm nervous. All the bridal resources talk about what questions to ask potential officiants, but they all focus on the site, which is already established. So I don't know what to ask him specifically. Ok, well, I do, but the books haven't been overly helpful in that respect.
5:38 pm
Productive weekend!
So this weekend we've done so much towards the wedding! Bri, my maid of honour was here from out of town so we did LOTS of wedding stuff, but honestly not as much as we could have. We were kinda lazy, but it was nice since I hadn't seen her since April.

Friday we went for a cake tasting... the first bakery we tried was THE ONE. We're so lucky!! For those of you in the Northern suburbs of Denver, Colorado, this bakery has the best cake flavours I've ever tasted: Shamanes Bake Shoppe. Though I do have to admit that her chocolate cakes left a lot to be desired. But her white cakes MORE than made up for it! We chose two flavours, the raspberry citron and the Italian wedding cake. She was amazing with working with us on what we wanted for our cake as well... the designs, etc. I'm in love with her bakery!

Then Saturday we went to the rennaisance faire here in Colorado, and found some treasures for the wedding. First, we found a place that does dried roses, hardens them and makes them into wearable jewelry: Fleur du Jour. Her things are SO lovely, and when we told her we were having a Victorian wedding, she was excited like mad, and told us she's done tons of custom work, including and especially for weddings. She's going to custom make our veils and the flowers for our hair, as well as all the corsages, bootineers and hair sticks for the bridesmaids too. She's so excited, she's even going to start doing research on rose colours specifically for us, so she can match the colours in our wedding more perfectly. She was incredible, and such a sweet lady! And then we found a corset shop that makes Victorian corsets! They're fantastic! I got one I'm so proud of that's powder blue and champaign coloured with fleur-di-lis all over it. Here's a photo of me in it:

title or description

So this is my "something blue" AND my corset so I can start making my dress! And the lovliest part of trying on and wearing corsets is that they make you feel so tiny and sexy! I'm a size 18, and I only had to get a 36 inch corset because they squish you down that much. It was unbelievable, and I'm terribly in love with the thing. I may wear it and never take it off.

Anyway, long update, cross-posted to our wedding blog and weddingplans
Monday, June 25th, 2007
3:44 pm
Budding paper obsession?
Whoever thinks that doing their own centrepieces and paper crafts for their wedding will save them money apparently doesn’t have a budding paper obsession like I do. It seems lately like I can’t walk into a craft store without spending $40-$50 at a pop on papers because there’s so many lovely vintage looking ones, not to mention all the accessories to make them look even nicer... wavy cutting scissors, glitter, glue-on trims and Swarovski crystals, oh my! I think I’m becoming obsessed. For the moment this is a good thing, since I have SO many paper crafts to finish for the wedding, but after that I’m afraid I’m going to have to take up yet another very expensive hobby to satisfy my obsession for pretty papers. I think I’m developing a problem. At least I have a few months to hopefully never want to see another piece of scrap-booking paper again!
On another note, we contacted the bakery today that we’re thinking of going with. We’re going to set up a tasting the weekend that Bri (my “best lady” ) is here from Columbus. We also have a buffet style tasting at the hotel that same weekend so that we’ll have a better idea of what we want to serve at the wedding. I know that after reviewing the menu samples I’m leaning towards having a salmon dish, a lamb dish and a vegetarian dish. I think that will spread it out and give a little bit of choice for everyone without going with the norms. Not that the norms are bad, mind you, but we’re anything BUT normal!
Anyway, back to the salt mines... or rather, the paper “mines”.

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Friday, June 22nd, 2007
3:02 pm
Save the date cards: the end of me?
I know a lot of people make their own paper goods for their weddings. It’s a sure-fire way to get exactly what you want , but most certainly not a way to save any money. With all the papers I’ve bought and various other supplies, I think I’ve spent far more than if I’d just ordered them, but who cares? I’m getting what I want. Today though, I wanted to scream working on them!! My printer decided to try and eat my vellum paper, then decided that it couldn’t detect it as paper at all, then it got stuck in the rollers. I’ve decided that as pretty as it is, vellum is the DEVIL. And add Microsoft Word to that list as well. So long, boring story short, I ended up having to half beat my printer, to hand feed the vellum and having to save the file as an Adobe Acrobat file rather than a Microsoft Word one, I have my lovely result, as seen below. I’m pretty happy with it. Now all I have to do is make like 49 more without screaming and without keeling over. Thankfully, we have pleanty of time to do this. I just have to keep reminding myself of that, especially considering I’m sitting here looking at the blank cardboard boxes that will eventually be our centre pieces, and a ton of papers that will be covering them. One step at a time... one step at a time. I just have to breathe. Anyway, freak-out over for the moment. Off to work more on the “save the date” cards. They have to go out soon and I really need them to just be done.

Our Save the Date cards

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Monday, June 18th, 2007
8:49 pm
Books, books and more books!
I sit here in my living room, staring at a stack of Victorian books, and honestly I couldn’t be happier or more relieved. I suppose when we undertook the task of a Victorian wedding, we didn’t realize how few things we’d be able to buy since everywhere we go it seems that we see Victorian inspired paper crafts. We thought we’d at least be able to find invitations that suited us. Unfortunatly, no. It seems that the extent of the Victorian items available to us only include picture frames and photo albums at “Hobby Lobby”. However, I am rather pleased that we happened to find some champagne flutes at Papyrus. They’re lovely, and they’ve got pearls and pewter, and they have a cake server and knife to match. So at least there’s that! Anyway, back to the stacks of books. Thanks to Steve and Amazon.com, we’re now fully stocked with as many Victorian wedding books as we all could find, and we’re re-embarking more informed. Tonight I’m going to get to work on the “save the date” cards, which I have NO idea how to do, so it’ll be an adventure! And now I have books to look at. Anyway, I’m off! Oh, for those of you who are on Livejournal, we’ve registered for a journal community there so that it’s easy for people to keep up who’re over there. So come check us out! The user name is “victorianladies”. This journal will hold the same content as that, as well as information about when this webpage is updated.

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Tuesday, June 12th, 2007
8:47 pm
So yesterday after we got off the plane from Dallas, we had ceremony crazies and decided to run out and do some stuff. Tried on some wedding dresses and figured out that we are most certainly going to have to make all the dresses to get what we want, since the “in” style of dresses now is strapless... I find strapless frightening, and it certainly doesn’t hold well with the Victorian sense of modesty. The concept of a 20 pound dress being held up by just my modest bosom and a little bit of flimsy boning isn’t appealing. So, here we go on the adventure of making Victorian dresses, as well as the attendants dresses. Plus, the woman at the shop we went to was nice, but then she pulled in another woman who is the seamstress for the shop came in and proceeded to tell us that Victorian styles were actually the ones with the big, poofy sleeves (a la Eliza Doolittle) that are in all actuallity Edwardian styles. Then she told me that the kind of sleeves I wanted were RENNAISANCE! I was so angry, considering that I’ve studied the various European styles for several years now. She wouldn’t even listen to what I wanted. So we changed out of the dresses we were trying on and left the shop rather hastily, rather annoyed.
Then, after figuring this all out we went shopping for invitation papers! I’m going to be making all the paper crafts for it, so I went into the scrapbooking section with the intent of picking one set of papers for multi layered invitations, and figured out quickly that I’d never be able to decide on one set of papers. So I ended up buying out the paper section, I think! Decided that our invitations are going to be very Victorian in that each one will be different and unique, combining different papers. I even found this amazing vellum paper in gold and silver that’ll be the top layer. I’m actually remarkably excited about these. It’s sad, but true. I think I’m going to get going on them tonight, figuring out the wording and the construction of them.
Anyway, time to sign off and get to work!
Cheers, Chris

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Sunday, June 10th, 2007
8:38 pm
First entry!
So here we are, t-minus 9 months or so, and we have our first entry into the wedding blog. We paid the down payment the other day on our site, the Boulderado. That’s really exciting. Now were trying to decide if we want to make the dresses ourselves from these amazing historical patterns we found, if we want to have them made or if we want to see how close we can get to Victorian style buying them someplace. Nancy (our brother-in-law’s Mom, for those who don’t know) even suggested Good Will today! I suppose you really never do know where you’ll find a gem. I think that Good Will is a really likely place to start looking for jewellery though. Lots of people give away lovely vintage jewels not realising that they might possibly be of some value. It’s really true what they say, that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
Just a stupid thought because my brain hurts and I think it needs to be massaged properly before it’ll function again, but I wonder if the hotel, being built in 1901 counts as our something old?
Ok, ok, signing off before I get dorkier.

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